Refurbished Thermotec Inverter 17kw Horizontal Pool / Pond Heat Pump


Refurbished Thermotec Inverter 17kw Horizontal Pool / Pond Heat Pump

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Refurbished Thermotec Inverter 17kw pool / pond heat pump

This 17kw Thermotec Inverter heat pump was accidentally damaged in our warehouse before being sold

It is new and has never been used

It has been completely re-built with the following spare parts:-

  • All new replacement casing parts
  • New digital display panel.

It has been re-built by a professional heat pump engineer and fully tested.

It works well but the compressor is slightly noisier than normal for this model, but is not unacceptable.

It comes complete with all parts including:-

  • User Manual
  • Water connection unions
  • Rubber mounting blocks
  • Winter cover

It is in good condition – see photos

It has a 1-year parts warranty or return to base.

Collection preferred from our warehouse in Billericay, CM12 0DP

Feel free to call us if you have any questions about this heat pump

It has been reduced by £500 from £2895 to £2395 inc VAT, so grab a bargain.

New colour display fitted Comes with winter cover, unions and rubber mounting feet

Video of the unit being tested

The link below is to a video of the unit while running and being tested.

It can be seen running on full power.

1. Description

HeatPumps4Pools are the leading specialist supplier of swimming pool heat pumps. We have many years of experience in the market and have used our expertise to research and design our own range of swimming pool heat pumps.

The Thermotec Inverter range of pool heat pumps really do offer the best in terms of efficiency, performance, reliability and low noise operation.

The Thermotec Inverter range are fully inverter driven. This means that they automatically adjust the speed of the fan and compressor to precisely match the heat demand from the pool.

The ability to adjust the output of the heat pump allows the Thermotec Inverter to deliver greatly reduced running costs with COPs of up to 13. This means that for every 1kw of electricity used by the heat pump, 13kw of heat is delivered to the pool. This delivers reduced running costs compared with other heat pumps on the market

In addition the inverter technology has a reduced electrical startup requirement, making them ideal for properties with a sensitive or limited electrical supply.

Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Single fan Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps 2 fan
Thermotec Inverter 9kW, 12kw, 17kw, 20kw – Single Fan, Horizontal Thermotec Inverter 24kW – Twin Fan, Horizontal
Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Vertical fan Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Vertical fan
Thermotec Inverter 29kw and 34kw, Vertical Fan Thermotec Inverter 29kw and 34kw, Vertical Fan

We also have the Thermotec Inverter 29kw and 34kw vertical fan single phase models and the new addition to our range – 34kw 3 phase unit. Please Click Here to see details and pricing

2. Features

  • Fully inverter driven with variable speed fan and compressor to deliver the lowest running costs with maximum heat output
  • High efficiency with COPs of up to 13. This means that for every 1kw of electricity used by the heat pump, 13kw of heat is returned to the pool.
  • The desired water temperature can be adjusted in steps of 0.1 °C.
  • Equipped with an easy to use 5-inch colour touch screen display / control panel.
  • Remote control and monitor your heat pump via an app on your smartphone
  • Remote support from HeatPumps4Pools via the wifi module
  • Top quality Mitsubishi variable speed inverter compressor
  • Brushless variable speed DC fan motor – very efficient with extremely quiet operation
  • Control panel is lockable to prevent tampering with the pool set temperature (useful for rented properties)
  • Display shows temperature & power consumption curves to monitor the performance of the heat pump
  • Six different models:9kw, 12kw, 17kw, 19.5kw, 24.2kw, 28 kw and 34kw
  • All models single phase power (ie 220v to 240v)
  • Suitable for pools, swim spas, hot tubs and koi ponds etc
  • Desired water temperature can be set from +10c to +40c
  • Soft start with reduced electrical startup requirements for properties with sensitive or limited power supplies
  • Low noise, variable speed fan.
  • Corrosion resistant case
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Fully programmable via the colour touch screen control panel
  • Automatic hot gas defrosting.
  • Ideal for use on koi ponds – fully programmable temperature accuracy – down to 0.1c above and below desired water temperature
  • Titanium heat exchanger – resistant to corrosion from chlorine or salt pools.
  • Operates in air temperatures as low as -15 °C.
  • Capable of heating and cooling, all year round.
  • Optional wifi module – control the heat pump from your smartphone or any web browser
  • Built in timer function
  • Built in water flow switch
  • 3-Year Warranty

Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Specifications

3a. What size heat pump do I require for my pool?

The sizing guide for a covered pool is:-

Model Kw
Recommended Max Pool Volume
Absolute Max Pool Volume
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 9kw 9kw 30m3 45m3
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 12kw 12kw
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 17kw 17kw
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 20kw 19.5kw
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 24kw 24.2kw
Thermotec Inverter Vertical 29kw 28.6kw
Thermotec Inverter Vertical 34kw 34kw 109m3 136m3
Thermotec Inverter Vertical 34kw (3-phase) 34kw 109m3 136m3

3b. The sizing guide for koi ponds is:-

For a koi pond that is heated all year round with a winter temperature of around 12c and a summer temperature of around 20-22c, we recommend the following sizing:-

Pond Sizing Guide
Max Pond Volume
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 9kw 4500 gallons
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 12kw 6000 gallons
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 17kw
7500 gallons
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 19.5kw
9600 gallons
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 24kw
11,600 gallons
Thermotec Inverter Vertical 29kw
13,800 gallons
Thermotec Inverter Vertical 34kw
19,900 gallons
Thermotec Inverter Vertical 34kw (3 Phase) 19,900 gallons

(Note: This assumes that the pond is covered in winter and that a temperature of +12c is to be maintained over winter)

All Thermotec Inverter heat pumps are for single phase power (ie 220v to 240v) to suit most properties

Thermotec Inverter 20kw

4. COP And Performance

By using the latest inverter technology, the Thermotec Inverter can out perform traditional on/off type heat pumps as well as many other inverter driven models.

Even as the outside air temperature falls, the Thermotec Inverter will still perform well, delivering heat to your pool.

The Thermotec Inverter heat pumps can work well with outside air temperatures as low as -15c

The COP (Coefficient of Performance) is the ratio of the amount of heat (in kw) that the heat pump delivers to your pool compared to the electricity that the heat pump uses (in kw)

By using the latest inverter technology, the Thermotec Inverter has COPs up to 13.6. This means that in these conditions, 1kw of electricity consumed by the heat pump will output 13.6kw of heat to your pool !

Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps COP Ratings

5. Extremely Quiet Operation

The Thermotec Inverter range work very silently thanks to a unique internal ventilation system and the inverter technology.

Both the fan and compressor automatically adjust their speed to match the pool heat demand, therefore once the pool is up to temperature, the unit can operate with reduced power consumption and noise.


6. Colour Touch Screen Controls

The Thermotec Inverter have a unique 5″ colour backlit touch screen control/display panel

This provides easy to use controls

Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Colour display

The display will show:-

  • The current pool water temperature
  • The mode (e.g. heating or cooling)
  • If the timer function has been set
  • If the fan is operating
  • The current time and date
  • The outside ambient temperature
  • If there is a fault, a fault code is displayed to explain the problem

In addition, the display can show:-

  • A graph of the temperature of the pool over time so that you can see how the pool temperature is being maintained by the Thermotec Inverter heat pump
  • A graph of the power consumed by the heat pump over time

The colour display is backlit making it easy to read in low light conditions and also in bright sunlight

Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps

7. Wi-Fi Control

The optional Wi-Fi module allows the Thermotec Inverter to be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or any internet web browser.

thermotec inverter wifi module

The Thermotec Inverter App is available for both Android and iPhone

The Wi-Fi module simply connects to the heat pump via the supplied cable

The module is then joined to your wi-fi network to allow it to communicate with the internet

The wifi module also allows HeatPumps4Pools to provide remote monitoring and support of your heat pump with the ability to change any settings if required. This greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of our technical support.

The Thermotec Inverter app can then be installed into your smart phone to give full remote control and monitoring of your pool heat pump.

Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Wi-Fi Using the app you can:-

  • Turn the heat pump on and off
  • See the current pool water temperature
  • Alter the desired pool set temperature
  • Set the timer
  • View the pool temperature history graph
  • Change the mode of the heat pump from heating, cooling and auto modes
  • Put the heat pump in and out of silence mode (e.g. for night-time use)
  • Show the weather temperatures and information
  • Display any error codes and messages
The Thermotec Inverter Mobile Phone App

Note: A a wifi signal is required at the location of the heat pump in order for the wifi module to be able to connect to your wifi.

Please test the strength of the wifi signal eg with a laptop or your smart phone before purchasing the wifi module.

If you do not have a wifi signal at the heat pump’s location, then you can either:-

  1. Use a wifi signal extender to boost the signal in the area of the heat pump
  2. Use power LAN adaptors plugged into mains sockets in the house and the pool shed. You can then connect a wifi extender to the powerlan adaptor in your pool shed to deliver wifi to the wifi module.

Please Contact Us if you need assistance with the wifi configuration

Please also see the YouTube video and user manual for the Wi-Fi module below for more information and installation instructions

8. Specifications

Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Specifications

Please also see the Specifications tab at the top of the page


9. Winter Cover and Mounting Feet Included

The Thermotec Inverter horizontal range of heat pumps come with:-

  • 2 x Water connection unions (with 50mm glue socket outlets – 1.5″ adaptor bushes available as an option)
  • 1 x Basic Winter cover (heavy duty winter cover available as an option – see below)
  • 4 x Rubber mounting feet (heavy duty mounting blocks available as an option – see below)


10.Optional Extras:

Wi-Fi Control Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Wi-Fi See section 7 above
Heavy Duty Mounting Feet Thermotec-Inverter-Horizontal-rear.jpg These heat pumps come with rubber mounting feet (see photo above).

Alternatively you can purchase these heavy duty Mounting Feet.

These raise the unit off the ground by approximately 100mm, and also help to reduce vibration.

Please see our Mounting Feet and Slabs section for more information.

Bypass Kit Please see our Bypass Kits section section for more information.
Winter Cover The unit comes with a lightweight winter cover, however we offer a heavy duty cover which will give you added and extended protection against the winter weather

Please see our Winter Cover section section for more information.

Remote Display Kit The Remote display kit allows the digital display panel to be located away from the heat pump. The kit includes a 20m cable and a mounting box for the display.

It is also possible to have two displays operating with the Thermotec Inverter range.

Click here for details of the remote display kit

12. Installation

Installation is straightforward. We can provide advice on installing your heat pump. We can also offer an installation service if required.

We recommend that a bypass is installed to allow the heat pump to be drained in winter if not in use. We sell bypass kits if required.

Please see our Installation Tips pages for information on how to install your heat pump. Our Photo Gallery also has photograph examples of pool heat pump installations and please also see the FAQ pages for more information

Please contact us for further advice

13. Availability

The range of Thermotec Inverter pool heat pumps are now in stock in the UK and can be shipped to any UK address on a 1 – 3 day delivery service.

14. Delivery

The price includes FREE UK delivery.

We can ship the Thermotec Inverter heat pumps to any country. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

15. Warranty

The Thermotec Inverter heat pumps come with a 3-year warranty on all components and 5-year warranty on the compressor and heat exchanger:-

  • 3-year warranty on all components
  • 5-year warranty on the compressor and heat exchanger
  • UK: 1st year parts and labour warranty, Years 2 and 3 parts only warranty, or return to us in the UK (customer pays transport cost)
  • Europe and Outside the UK: Warranty is parts only warranty or return to us in the UK (customer pays transport cost). If spare parts are required, they will be sent free of charge to a UK address. If they are to be shipped outside the UK, the customer pays the international shipping cost

We recommend that you retain the pallet and packaging that the heat pump was delivered with in case you need to return the unit to us for repairs under the warranty.

The warranty will not apply where the heat pump has been installed incorrectly, or has been damaged by freezing

16. Technical Support

We are happy to provide technical support for all Thermotec Inverter swimming pool heat pumps that we supply.

We hold spare parts to support all Thermotec Inverter heat pumps both during and after the warranty period

17. Product Literature

Please click the links below to download pdf brochures for these products

Duratech WarrantyThermotec Inverter Vertical User Manual (R410a)
Thermotec Inverter Wi-Fi User Manual

Please also see the Literature tab at the top of the page for the Brochure and User Manual downloads.

18. Product Videos

Overview of the 34kw Vertical Thermotec Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Overview of the 9kw Horizontal Thermotec Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

How to install the wifi module on the Horizontal Thermotec Inverter swimming pool heat pumps

19. Customer Feedback

We have received many positive reviews about the Thermotec Inverter range of pool heat pumps. For example…

“Hi, I just wanted to tell you how amazing the new heatpump is. Thanks for your advice regarding it. We still have a pool that’s 30 degrees, unheard of for October.

It was a great buy.

The pool has kept a lot of young families sane during lockdown!


Jackie Hoyland (Thermotec Inverter 24kw heat pump October 2020)


To see more feedback, please see our Customer Feedback page

20. Assistance?

If you need any assistance or advice as to which model would be best for your pool, please email us

for more information, also see our FAQs page

All items sold in accordance with our terms and conditions

For all enquiries, please contact us at


Themotec Inverter Heat Pumps Specifications


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