Heat Siphon Swimming Pool Heat Pumps & Pool Heaters

Heat Siphon swimming pool heat pumps are one of the best pool heat pump manufacturers in the world in terms of quality and performance.

If you are looking for a world-wide recognised heat pump with unbelievable output power and superb build quality, then choose Heat Siphon

All Heat Siphon heat pumps now use the super efficient R410a refrigerant gas providing high output and COPs of over 6

Heat Siphon are the market leader of Swimming Pool heat pumps in the USA – the home of pool heat pumps, and HeatPumps4Pools exclusively supply and maintain these top quality products to the UK and Europe.

If you are looking for the best in pool heat pumps, then you must consider a Heat Siphon

They are available in single and 3-phase electrical supply.

What size heat pump do I require for my pool?

  • For pools up to 288sq ft (26 m2), you will need the 2.00hp model
  • For pools up to 650sq ft (60 m2) you will need the 3.75hp model
  • For pools up to 800 sq ft (74 m2), you will need the 5.75hp model

(this assumes the pool is covered when not in use)

Please click on either single phase or 3-phase to see the corresponding models:-

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