Duratech Pond Heat Pumps

The standard range of Duratech Heat Pumps can also be used for koi ponds. 

Whilst not as efficient as the Dura+ range, the offer a cost effective solution

A backup electric heater should be installed alongside the heat pump to provide additional heat in very cold weather. 

The standard Dura+ range work down to -5c. 

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Key features of the Duratech heat pump range:-

  • Work down to -5c
  • Suitable for ponds
  • High efficiency with COPs of up to 6.3
  • Hot gas defrost cycle.
  • Titanium heat exchanger – resistant to salt and chlorine
  • Digital control panel on all models
  • Quiet running
  • Green UK & European compliant refrigerant gas
  • Plastic corrosion resistant case
  • Refrigerant gas pressure gauge
  • In stock for immediate dispatch
  • 2-Year parts and labour warranty
  • Designed & Built For Long Life & Reliability

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