SunSpring Heat Pumps

The SunSpring heat pumps are a new heat pump range

They are designed for above ground pools or small in ground pools eg Intex, Doughboy or Bestway pools etc

They are quick to setup and remove in the winter

They come complete with a fitted UK or Euro plug and RCD (except SunSpring14) and hose connections for above ground pools

  • Fitted UK (or European) plug and RCD (except SunSpring14) and hose connections for above ground pools
  • Specially designed for small and medium Pools (thin wall pools, polyester, metal or wooden wall pools <45m3)
  • Will continue to function even at low flow rates (low flow rates arise if the filter is partially clogged)
  • Can be used with sand filters
  • Can be used with cartridge filters
  • Operates from +8°C air temperature
  • An exceptionally high COP value (5) for such a small compact heat pump.
  • Easy and fast to install (<15 min). Plug and play
  • User friendly. Color display 3 buttons Flow indication
  • Safety RCD protection and UK or Euro plug – Plug & play (Note: Eco+14 needs to be hard wired to a dedicted breaker)
  • Using sustainable materials (UV resistant Polymer casing and titanium heat exchanger)
  • Full Flow Technology No Bypass needed
  • With R410a gas for an environmentally friendly operation
  • Plastic rust-resistant polymer casing
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