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Comfortline Inverter Heat Pumps 6kw to 16.5kw

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Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump


HeatPumps4Pools are the leading specialist supplier of swimming pool heat pumps.

New for 2019, the Comfortline Inverter range of pool heat pumps offers a selection of models to suit small pools, for extended season use

1. Description

Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump

Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump

2. Features

 • Economical positioning 

 • High energy-saving and Eco-friendly
 • High silent level
 • Automatic defrosting
 • Soft start 
 • Operating air temperature 0?~43?
 • Pool size range 12 m³~90 m³

 • Indoor and outdoor pools

Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump

Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump

Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump


Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump

3. What size heat pump do I require for my pool?

The sizing guide for a covered pool is:-

Model Kw
Recommended UK Max 
Pool Volume/In ground
Max Pool Volume
Warmer Climates

Max Pool Volume UK

Above Ground

Comfortline Inverter 6kw
30m3 12m3
Comfortline Inverter 8kw
40m3 20m3
Comfortline Inverter 9.2kw
45m3 25m3
Comfortline Inverter 12.5kw 30m3 60m3 30m3
Comfortline Inverter 16.5kw 40m3 75m3 45m3

All Comfortline Inverter heat pumps are for single phase power (ie 220v to 240v) to suit most properties

4. COP And Performance

By using the latest inverter technology, the Comfortline Inverter canout perform traditional on/off type heat pumps as well as many other inverter driven models.

Even as the outside air temperature falls, the Comfortline Inverter will still perform well, delivering heat to your pool.

The Comfortline Inverter heat pumps can work well with outside air temperatures as low as 0c so is ideal for extended season use.

The COP (Coefficient of Performance) is the ratio of the amount of heat (in kw) that the heat pump delivers to your pool compared to the electricity that the heat pump uses (in kw)

By using the 3 speed inverter technology, the  Inverter has COPs up to 10. This means that in these conditions, 1kw of electricity consumed by the heat pump will output 10kw of heat to your pool !

5. Extremely Quiet Operation

The Comfortline Inverter range work very silently thanks to a unique internal ventilation system and the inverter technology.

Both the fan and compressor automatically adjust their speed to one of the 3 speeds to match the pool heat demand, therefore once the pool is up to temperature, the unit can operate with reduced power consumption and noise.

Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump

6. Specifications

 Comfortline Inverter Heat Pumps Specifications

7.Optional Extras:

Heavy Duty Mounting Feet Thermotec-Inverter-Horizontal-rear.jpg

These heat pumps come with rubber  mounting feet (picture to follow shortly).

Alternatively you can purchase these heavy duty Mounting Feet.

These raise the unit off the ground by approximately 100mm, and also help to reduce vibration.

Please see our Mounting Feet and Slabssection for more information.

Bypass Kit Please see our Bypass Kitssection section for more information.
Winter Cover

The unit comes with a lightweight winter cover, however we offer a heavy duty cover which will give you added and extended protection against the winter weather

Please see our Winter Coversection section for more information.


8. Payment

We accept all major credit and debit cards, cheques and Bank Transfer

All major credit cards accepted

Note: We offer an additional 1% discount on these prices for payment by debit card or bank transfer.  Just choose bank transfer or debit card as the payment type when you complete the checkout process.

9. Installation

Installation is straightforward. We can provide advice on installing your heat pump. We can also offer an installation service if required.

We recommend that a bypass is installed to allow the heat pump to be drained in winter if not in use. We sell bypass kits if required. 

Please see our Installation Tips pages for information on how to install your heat pump. Our Photo Gallery also has photograph examples of pool heat pump installations and please also see the FAQ pages for more information

10. Availability

The range of Comfortline Inverter pool heat pumps are in stock and can be shipped to any Uk address in 5 - 7 working days.

11. Delivery

The price includes FREE UK delivery.

We can ship the Comfortline Inverter heat pumps to any country. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

12. Warranty

The Comfortline Inverter heat pumps come with a 2-year warranty on all components:-

The warranty will not apply where the heat pump has been installed incorrectly, or has been damaged by freezing 

13. Technical Support

We are happy to provide technical support for all Inverter swimming pool heat pumps that we supply.

14. Assistance?

If you need any assistance or advice as to which model would be best for your pool, please email us

for more information, also see our FAQs page

All items sold in accordance with our terms and conditions

for all enquiries, please contact us at

  • Model: Comfortline Inverter Horizontal
  • Shipping Weight: 70kgs
  • Manufactured by: HeatPumps4Pools