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Heat Pump Mounting Feet and Slabs

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We are pleased to offer our range of heat pump mounting feet

heat pump mounting feet and slab

These mounting feet can be used with virtually any heat pump make or model.

They raise the heat pump from the ground to help protect the heat pump from corrosion and to allow the condensate water to escape

heat pump mounting feet

They also help to reduce noise and vibration from the heat pump.

We offer:-

  1. Mounting feet and lightweight slab kit
  2. Mounting feet only
  3. Slab only

1. Mounting Feet and Lightweight Slab Kit - Flexi Slab Kits


We have two sizes available:-

  1. Flexi Slab Kit (2 x 600mm feet, slab 600 x 1200mm)
  2. Flexi Slab Kit - Extra Large (2 x 600mm feet, slab 1650 x 865mm

Our kits 2 mounting feet and a lightweight slab together with fixings

2. Mounting Feet Only - Flexi Foot Kits



We offer three sizes of heat pump mounting feet

  1. 600mm
  2. 1000mm

Our mounting feet include struts and fixings


  • Available in four sizes: 250, 400, 600 & 1000 (mm).
  • Made from heavy duty recycled rubber.
  • 21 x 41 (mm) galvanised steel strut is supplied bonded to the rubber.
  • Drain slots molded to the underside of the foot.

3. Slab Only - Ultralite Paving Slab

We sell the slab only.

It is a lighweight slab which resembles a paving slab, but is much easier to lift and drill

Made from encapsulated polystyrene core slab reinforced with textured cement coating

Three sizes are available:-

  1. Ultralite Paving Slab 600 x 600mm
  2. Ultralite Paving Slab 900 x 450mm
  3. Ultralite Paving Slab 1200 x 600mm






Underside (polystryene in the centre)


Installation is straight forward and the lighweight slabs are easy to drill

flexi-lite-slab-kit-pic6.JPG flexi-lite-slab-kit-pic7.JPG
flexi-lite-slab-kit-pic8.JPG flexi-lite-slab-kit-pic9.JPG
flexi-lite-slab-kit-pic10.JPG flexi-lite-slab-kit-pic11.JPG




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  • Model: Heat Pump Mounting Feet and Slab
  • Shipping Weight: 30kgs
  • Manufactured by: HeatPumps4Pools