New Drip Tray Heater Kit

We have now produced a new drip tray heater kit for heat pumps that will be used over the winter months.

Drip tray heater kit for Duratech Dura plus heat pumps.

This kit contains an electric heater element that sits in the bottom of Duratech Dura+ heat pumps.

It can be required when the heat pumps are going to be operated at very cold temperatures – below 0c, for example on koi ponds, or for indoor pools.

Our genuine Duratech Dura+ heat pumps can continue to operate down to -15c, however the normal condensate water that drips from the evaporator coil can fall to the bottom of the heat pump and freeze causing an ice build up during long spells of very cold weather.

This kit includes all parts necessary to install the kit so that any ice that forms in the drip tray of the heat pump is melted into water.

The kit includes:-

  • heater element
  • temperature controlled switch
  • all necessary wires
  • installation instructions

The temperature controlled switch automatically turns the heating element on in very cold weather and turns it off again when the temperature rises to provide a fully automatic system.

The heating element is powered from within the heat pump and therefore does not require a separate power supply.

Please see the installation manual for more information.

To see details of this kit and pricing , please visit our web site at

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