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Gridsoap Heat Pump Fin Cleaner - 1ltr Spray Bottle

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Coil Cleaner



Increases the yield - By cleaning the evaporator or condenser with GridSoap®, the uptake of energy, due to a free air flow between the fins, becomes optimal. This results into lower energy consumption and better performance.

Less icing - Because GridSoap® ensures a free air flow, the balance in the system will not bedisturbed, leading to a reduced risk of icing.

Handy & Fast - Gridsoap® is ready to use and provided with a hand sprayer. GridSoap® thereby allows to dose depending on the soiling of the evaporator or condenser of the heat pump or air conditioner. A cleaning takes barely 10 minutes.

No Damage - Cleaning with a high pressure cleaner makes that that fins are pushed flat, which causes irreversible damage. Neither a vacuum cleaner, nor an air compressor is powerful enough to remove dirt between the fins. In addition, the heat pump is in many cases provided with grating or a net, causing the cleaning to be incomplete. GridSoap® on the other hand cleans also between the fins and even the discharge zone for the condensate.

Protection of the fins - A protective layer by GridSoap® ensures future dirt has less chances to stick and makes the fins more corrosion resistant.

Biologically degradable - Moreover, GridSoap® is biological degradable and by consequent not harmful for planting around the site of the heat pump.


Coil Cleaner


  • Ready to Use as pre diluted
  • Universal Cleaner
  • Use on Evaporators
  • Use on Condensors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Coil Cleaner
  • Non corrosive - will not damage the heat pump fins







Frequently Asked Questions

Is using GridSoap® harmful for planting around the heat pump? - No, GridSoap® is formulated in such a way that it is biologically degradable and planting around is not exposed to any chemical risk.

Can I clean my heat pump myself? - Yes, you only need to spray GridSoap® on the fins, let it work during 10 minutes and rinse with a garden hose. The only items needed are GridSoap® and a garden hose.

Does the COP increase if I use GridSoap®? - Yes, because the heat pump will again have a free air flow through the fins, the heat pump will take up more energy than a dirty evaporator or condenser. This ensures an optimal balance between the recovered energy and issued energy. (COP)

How much GridSoap® do I need? - You can self-determine how much to use, however we recommend to use the mentioned quantity. For of a device smaller than 15 kW, you will need approximately 0.5L and have for a device bigger than 15 kW, and smaller than 30kW will require approximately 1,0L.

Do I need a maintenance with GridSoap® annually? - Depending on the dirt, we advise to do a maintenance with GridSoap® annually to ensure a free air flow between the fins.

Are the instructions clearly mentioned? - Yes, on the label there are clear instructions, along with helpful images.


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  • Model: Gridsoap Heat Pump Fin Cleaner
  • Shipping Weight: 2kgs
  • Manufactured by: HeatPumps4Pools