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Solar Covers for Round Above Ground Pools 8ft - 24ft Diameter

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200 Micron Solar Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools


This range of Solar Swimming Pool covers provide the maximum heat gain to your pool.



The features of the cover are:-

  • Reduce heating costs and chemical usage
  • 200 microns thick
  • 0.22kg per sq.m
  • Reduce evaporation by 98%
  • 1-Year pro rata warranty (UK & Eire only)
  • Prices include UK delivery

Delivery time approx 5-7 working days.

Increase pool temperature by up to 8°C
 Eliminate water evaporation by 98% +
 Reduce chemical consumption by up to 30%
 Reduce energy consumption by over 50%
   Reduce debris contamination
 Save money
1 year warranty


Outdoor swimming pools absorb up to 85% of direct solar energy from the water's surface. However, when not in direct sunlight, pools lose energy and warmth in cooler air. A solar pool cover optimizes solar energy absorption and conserves heat by sealing it in the water. It can raise the temperature of a pool as much as 20° Farenheit within a week. According to the Energy Star organization, covering a pool when it is not being used is the most effective way to save on heating costs.

Available Sizes:

  • 8ft Round
  • 10ft Round
  • 12ft Round
  • 15ft Round
  • 16ft Round
  • 18ft Round
  • 24ft Round



1-Year pro rata warranty (UK & Eire only)



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  • Model: Solar Covers for Round Pools
  • Manufactured by: HeatPumps4Pools