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Elecro Evo Electric Pool Single Phase Heaters 3kw - 15kw

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Elecro EVO Electric Pool Heaters

Elecro Evo Electric Pool Heater

Whilst electric heaters are not as energy efficient to run as heat pumps, they can be useful to act as backup or booster heaters to heat pumps.

Indoor pools and koi ponds can use an electric heater in conjunction with a heat pump.

In extremely cold weather, the heat pump may not produce sufficient heat to maintain the desired water temperature. An electric heater can be set to turn on under these conditions to boost the water temperature back to the desired level.

Our Elecro EVO heater have the following features:-

  • Titanium elements
  • Reversible flow switch
  • No pump interlock is required
  • 3-9kW comes with fitted 1.5’’ adaptors and hosetails
  • 12-18kW come with 1.5’’ socket unions
  • Ideal for Premium Wooden and Intex style above ground pools
  • Fully controlled with Schneider contactor for super safe operation
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Ultra-reliable flow switch allows safe operation as low as 1m³/hour
  • Control thermostat 0-40°C (1°C differential)
  • Safety thermal cut our 60°C (manual reset)

The Elecro EVO pool heater is manufactured from top quality components and material at the Elecro works in Hertfordshire, England.

Construction consists of a flow tube which is fitted with inlet and outlet mouldings manufactured from specially formulated polymer alloy material. The outlet moulding accommodates a reversible flow switch (allowing water input from wither direction) with a gold tipped reed switch and Titanium fulcrum pin. The inlet moulding has been designed to ensure full immersion of the elements, greatly reducing the risks of air locking.

The heater is supported on two swivel feet; these can be rotated to permit either wall or floor mounting. The heater control components are positioned on the front face of the electrical enclosure.


The guide for sizing electric pool heaters is 1.5kw per 1000 gallons of pool or pond water. Or 1.5kw per 4.5m3 of pool water

so for a 20m3 pool, you would need at least a 6.6kw electric heater. 

Note that the maximum size of electric heater that can run from a UK 13A socket is 3kw

Our Sunspring heat pumps output up to 10kw of pool heat from only 1.7kw of electricity and so have much lower running costs than electric pool heaters and they can plug into  a standard 13A power socket. 


The desired pool temperature can be easily selected on the EVO heater using the panel-mounted thermostat dial. The single or three-phase power is supplied through a top quality Schneider contactor. Safety and equipment protection is provided by the highly reliable flow switch. Over-temperature protection is provided by the thermal cut out (manual reset).


Minimum Flow Requirement 3-kW > 6-kW 1m³ (1,000-litres) per hour
Minimum Flow Requirement 9-kW > 24-kW 4m³ (4,000-litres) per hour
Maximum Flow Velocity
(All Outputs)
17m³ (17,000-litres) per hour
Heating Elements Incoloy 825 or Titanium
Flow Tube BS 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium
Control Thermostat 0ºC > 40ºC (1.0ºC Differential)
EGO Logo
Safety Thermal cut-out 55ºC (Manual reset)
EGO Logo
Flow Switch Gold tipped reed switch with Titanium fulcrum pin
Wiring High temperature, silicone sheathed, multi-strand copper conductors
Contactor Schneider Electric Logo
Seals High temperature special formula polymer
Working Pressure 4 bar maximum
Water Connections 1½" BSP female thread
Supplied ABS Unions For 1½" / 50-mm rigid pipe
Supplied Hosetails For 1½" / 1¼" flexible pipe
Mounting Floor or wall mountable


Single Phase Models


Power Output

Load (Amp)

Stainless Steel Flow Tube With Titanium Heating Elements

Dimension 'L'

Wiring Diagram
3-kW 13 8T83 462-mm View
4.5-kW 20 8T84 462-mm View
6-kW 27 8T86 462-mm View
9-kW 40 8T89 462-mm View
12-kW 53 8T8A 462-mm View
15-kW 66 8T8B 592-mm View
18-kW 79 8T8C 592-mm View



Product Literature


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  • Model: Elecro EVO Electric Pool Heaters
  • Manufactured by: Elecro