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Calorex Vaporex DH55 Series Wall Mounted & Through the Wall Dehumidifiers for Indoor Pools

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The Calorex Vaporex range of pool dehumidifiers represent an excellent balance of value for money and quality.

The DH55 models extracts 2.5 litres of water from the air per hour.

Please call us for help on sizing dehumidifiers.

Calorex Vaporex DH34 Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

The Calorex Vaporex units are made in the UK to high quality standards. Each unit is tested before leaving the factory.

The DH55 range has a defrost option available which is required for pool rooms where the air temperature will fall below 15c when the dehumidifier is operating.

Wall Mounted, Floor Mounted or Through the Wall Models

The DH55 range can be wall mounted, floor mounted or though the wall (TTW) models.

They can also have air heating (LPHW) to heat the pool hall which is fed from a separate gas or oil boiler

Calorex Vaporex DH34 Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Calorex Vaporex DH34 Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers


  • High moisture extraction for low power consumption
  • Zero ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Low internal operating pressures = long useful life
  • Fan cycle or continuous mode
  • Air outlet adjustable to horizontal or vertical
  • Hot gas defrost (allows operation to 5°C air temperature)
  • Many options for flexible installation
  • Remote humidistat and on/off function.
  • Models with air heating comes with an air temperature thermostat

Calorex Vaporex DH34 Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers


  • Air filter
  • Floor stand kit


  • Indoor pool
  • Therapy pools
  • Health clubs and wellness centres
  • Hotels and spa pools
  • Holiday parks and campsites.

The dehumidifiers can either just dehumidify the air, or they can also heat the air. In order to heat the air in the pool room, you can use an existing boiler (eg gas or oil) to provide LPHW (low pressure hot water) to the unit.

As the unit dehumidifies the air, it will then also heat it using the heat supplied by the LPHW supply. 

These units can be located in the pool room or in the plant room, as the Though The Wall (TTW) option comes with the fixings to install accordingly.

Or purchase the Floor stand kit as an alternative.

Calorex Vaporex DH34 Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers



They extract about 30 litres of water per day

  • Air delivery 740m3 per hour.
  • Power consumption 1.2kW.
  • Noise level 48dBA.


SpecificationsUnitsDH 55
Operating temperature range °C 5-35
Dehumidification @ 30°C/60% RH l/h 2.5
Heat recovered to air @ 30°C/60% RH kW 3.5
Air flow m3/h 740
External static pressure Pa 0
Sound pressure level @ 3m dB(A) 48
Refrigerant   R407c
Power supply V/Hz 230/1ph/50
Nominal power consumption kW 1.2
FLA A 7.5
Maximum supply fuse A 13
LRA (compressor start) A 30
Heater type   Optional LPHW  
Heat output @ 80°C flow kW 5
Flow rate l/min 5
Product size (w x d x h) mm 1245 x 255 x 653
Weight kg 58
Condensate drain size
(flexible plastic hose)
mm ID 16

Available Models

The dehumidifiers are available in several types:-

  1. Wall mounted Dehumidifier
  2. Wall mounted Dehumidifier with Defrost
  3. Wall mounted Dehumidifier with 5kW LPHW Heating
  4. Wall mounted Dehumidifier with Defrost and 5kW LPHW Heating
  5. Through the Wall Dehumidifier
  6. Through the Wall Dehumidifier with Defrost
  7. Through the Wall Dehumidifier + 5kW LPHW Heating
  8. Through the Wall Dehumidifier + Defrost + 5kW LPHW Heating


Calorex Vaporex DH34 Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers



All Calorex Vaporex Dehumidifiers have a 2-year parts and labour warranty.

Lead Time

The lead time on Calorex Vaporex Dehumidifiers is normally around 3-5 days subject to availability.


The manufacturer's brochure can be downloaded using the link below:-

Duratech BrochureCalorex Vaporex 55 TTW User Manual
Duratech BrochureCalorex Vaporex 55 Installation Instructions
Duratech BrochureCalorex Vaporex 55 Dimensions



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  • Model: Calorex DH55 Dehumidifier
  • Shipping Weight: 60kgs
  • Manufactured by: Calorex