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Intex/Bestway Hose Adaptor 32/38mm

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We are selling an Bestway/ Intex Hose adaptor for Intex or Bestway pools

This adaptor screws onto either the inlet/outlet of an Intex pool or onto the inlet/outlet of an Intex Krystal clear pump filter set, (or any filter with a 2" male thread)

Bestway Intex Hose Adaptor 32mm 38mm 1.25"/1.5"

The adaptor then allows either 1.25" (32mm) or 1.5" (38mm) hose to be connected


Bestway Intex Hose Adaptor 32mm 38mm 1.25"/1.5"


Bestway Intex Hose Adaptor 32mm 38mm 1.25"/1.5"
Shown with 28mm (1.25") Hose Shown with 38mm (1.5") Hose


It has a 2" female grey nut on one end and a stepped hose tail on the other side.

(Note that the internal diameter of the grey nut measures just under 2 1/4" or 57mm)

Each hose tail step has a rubber o-ring to create a seal with the pool hose

The rubber seal is removed when using with 1.25" hose and installed when using 1.5" hose

For example, it is ideal for use when using our Hot Splash heat pump (which has 1.25" /32mm connections)

It allows 1.25" or 1.5" pool hose to be connected to the pool and also to the pump/filter set. 

Comes complete with a Jubilee clip to secure the pool hose

We also sell both 1.5" and 1.25" pool hose if you need this. 

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  • Model: Intex Bestway Pool Hose Adaptor
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