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Spare Parts for Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Spare Parts

At HeatPumps4Pools, we supply spare parts for almost every brand of heat pump on the market.

If you cannot see the part that you need, please Contact Us and we will source it for you


  • Heat Inverter heat pump Spare Parts

  • Polytropic heat pump Spare Parts

  • Calorex heat pump Spare Parts

  • Heatstar heat pump Spare Parts

  • Waterco heat pump Spare Parts

  • Tropical heat pump spare parts

  • Solar Bear heat pump Spare Parts

  • Angel Fire heat pump spare parts

  • Aquatherm heat pump spare parts

  • Alto heat pump spare parts

  • Hayward heat pump spare parts

  • Perfectemp heat pump Spare Parts

  • Zodiac heat pump spare parts

  • Astral heat pump spare parts

  • Hydropro heat pump spare parts

  • Procopi RTM filter spare parts
  • Procopi Spare Parts
  • Star Vac Cleaner Spare parts
  • Climexel Spare Parts
  • Eraspa Spare Parts
  • Fairland heat pump spare parts


We supply all commonly required parts including:-


  • Heat pump compressors
  • Heat pump contactors
  • Heat pump fan motors
  • Heat pump digital displays
  • Heat pump capacitors
  • Heat pump PCBs


We can ship spare parts anywhere in the world.

Please click on a category below to see spares:-