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Krystal Clear Pump and Filter Set 0.95hp pump with 9.2m3 per hour flow rate - Model 4

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The Krystal Clear pump and filter sets are ideal for above ground pools



Models 1 and 2 and 3 above



Model 4 above

 They come complete with connectors and flexible pipe to suit most above ground pools

  • 6-way multiport valve
  • Built in 24 hour automatic timer
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pump basket to catch leaves etc
  • Complete with connectors and flexible pipe for Intex pool

Excludes filter media (sand or glass can be used, please contact us for pricing for this)

We have three models available:-

  • Model 1: 0.25hp pump and filter set with 4m3 per hr flow rate
  • Model 2: 0.5hp pump and filter set with 6m3 per hr flow rate
  • Model 3: 0.75hp pump and filter set  with 8m3 per hour flow rate
  • Model 4: 0.95hp pump and filter set with 9.2m3 per hour flow rate

If you are using these with one of our heat pumps, please check that the flow rate exceeds the required flow rate for the heat pump

Please call us if you need assistance with this


Price includes FREE UK delivery

Pipe Kit for Models 1,2 and 3



Pipe Kit for Model 4


The kits include two long hoses, inlet/outlet connectors to go into the pool wall etc

If you will be using a heat pump, you may also need to purchase an additional piece of hose to go from the heat pump back to the pool.

See below for a link to the pool hose


Model 1 specification:
• 4m3 per hour
• 254mm diameter tank
• 0.25hp pump
• 8.5kg glass media or 125kg sand capacity (not supplied)

Model 2 specification:
• 6m3 per hour
• 350mm diameter tank
• 0.5hp pump
• 16kg glass media or 23kg sand capacity (not supplied)

Model 3 specification:
• 8m3 per hour
• 360mm diameter tank
• 0.6hp pump
• 25kg glass media or 35kg sand capacity (not supplied)

Model 4 specification:
• 9.2 m3 per hour
• 410mm diameter tank
• 0.95hp pump
• 55kg sand or 38kg glass media capacity (not supplied)


Rigid Pipe Conversion Kit

A rigid pipe conversion kit is available if you want to use solid pipe with these units.


Filter Media

We also sell a 25kg bag of filter media for use with these filters


Pool Hose

You may need to purchase an additional length of pool hose to connect from your heat pump to the pool

We sell both 1.5" and 1.25" pool hose


Prices include FREE UK delivery

Shipping possible to any country - please Contact Us for a shipping quote

  • Model: Krystal Clear Pump Filter Model4
  • Shipping Weight: 8kgs
  • Manufactured by: HeatPumps4Pools