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Pistoche 2m x 2m Wooden Pool with Built In Safety Cover and Filter

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HeatPumps4Pools are pleased to announce the arrival of an exciting new wooden above ground pool - the Pistoche


A wooden pool offers a much more solid structure in an above ground pool and also looks much more attractive than a metal framed pool.


The Pistoche is a 2m x 2m wooden above ground pool supplied complete with a built in safety cover and filtration system


  • 2m x 2m wooden above ground pool
  • Solid, treated wood structure,. made of Northern Red Pine (Class III and IV)
  • Complete with built in safety cover
  • Comes with internal water filter
  • Includes pool liner
  • Interior dimensions: 2 x 2 x 0.64 m - overall dimensions: 2.26 x 2.26 x 0.68 m
  • Optional accessory kit
  • Optional pool heating
  • Easy assembly


Watch the Pistoche

Built In Safety Cover

Pistoche is equipped with a safety cover. Discrete and easy to use, the cover secures the pool while it is not in use. In addition to securing the pool,the cover protects the pool against evaporation and night time cooling. It also prevents pollen, dust and leaves from falling into the pool. The water stays clean, always ready for your little swimmers. A Pistoche exclusive!





Easy Assembly

BUILT IN 6 HOURS: Putting a Pistoche pool together is child’s play! In six hours, with just two people on the job, the pool is built and ready for use. A precise assembly diagram and detailed instruction booklet are included with Pistoche.

Assembly Video

Internal Water Filter Included

The Pistoche is supplied complete with an internal cartridge water filter

The cartridge filter, that ensures the quality of water in the pool, may be installed in any of the four corners so that it faces into the prevailing wind. The depth of the water may be adjusted depending on the height and age of the children:

forty centimeters for the youngest children to splash around, and up to sixty centimeters for older children to start swimming. A Pistoche exclusive !


If you want to use a heater with the Pistoche, you would not use the filter supplied, but would use an external pool pump/filter set - see below for details

Optional Pool Heating

The Pistoche comes with a water filter but does not include a water heater.

We have several heating options available for the Pistoche pool

1. Hot Splash Heat Pump - lowest running costs

2. Nano Electric heater - higher running costs than the Hot Splash



Pistoche pool with Hot Splash heat pump and Intex cartridge filter, all supplied by HeatPumps4Pools

Pool Hose Connections

We can supply fittings to go through through the wall of the Pistoche to allow you to connect flexible hoses. 

The hoses can then be connected to an external pump/filter set and to a pool heat pump (eg Hot Splash) or an electric heater




Please Click Here for details of the pipe fitting

We can also supply hose to connect from the pool to the external pump/filter set

Please Click Here for details of the pool hose

Pump and Filter Set

We can supply an external pump and filter set which can be used with the Pistoche. 

This will pump the water from the pool, filter it, pump it through a pool heater and then return the water to the pool. 

Please Click Here for information on the pump/filter sets


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  1. Package 1: contains: the height adjustable filtration system, blue, 0.50 mm liner, the installation instructions, shims to hold the liner in position.

  2. Package 2: The wooden structure is enclosed in the second package, this package contains all the wooden elements (structure,edging), the PVC profiles and aluminium profiles for hinges, the liner fastening system and the roller pre-fitted with the safety cover and its strap. It is around 2m long x 600mm wide x 600mm high (approx). 

    Package 2 will normally be delivered on a tail-lift lorry with a pump truck



The Pistoche pools are made in France and come with a full 2-year guarantee

More Information

For more information on the Pistoche, please see the dedicated Pistoche web site at

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  • Model: Pistoche Wooden Pool
  • Manufactured by: HeatPumps4Pools